Hands-on AAA Perfect Replica IWC Ingenieur Yacht Club II Watches UK

The entry-point — Best fake IWC Ingenieur Yacht Club II ref. 3312

Doing this series of articles is a great way to find out about some of the forgotten models of the past. And sometimes you even find new models you never knew existed. That’s exactly the case with this Swiss made fake IWC Yacht Club II ref. 3312. The Yacht Club name is obviously still part of the UK best fake IWC collection nowadays albeit under the Portugieser umbrella. In the past, the Yacht Club was a full-on lineup within the replica IWC collection. One of the hidden gems for me from the past is this best fake IWC Yacht Club II ref. 3312. There is a bit of a story to this watch too. In 1976 IWC replica introduced the iconic Genta-designed Ingenieur replica that we’ll get to a little further down the list. Riding the same wave of the best replica IWC Ingenieur SL “Jumbo” ref. 1832 was the Swiss made fake IWC Yacht-Club II ref. 3212.

The Yacht Club collection was introduced in 1967 as the sporty alternative for the best UK sale replica IWC Ingenieur collection. But with the introduction of the Genta Ingenieur, IWC replica created another luxury sports watch. AAA practical fake IWC recognized that as well and developed the Yacht Club II replica that was released not long after the Ingenieur replica in the late 1970s. What IWC replica did perfectly was creating two different designs that are not similar. But we can’t deny that the AAA Swiss made fake IWC Yacht Club II does look a bit like another Genta design. I am not mad at it though. The 38mm octagonal case of the Yacht Club II is different. It has a bit more mass because the shape is a bit more pronounced than just an octagonal bezel. Add the Jaeger Le-Coultre Caliber 9000 and the integrated bracelet and Swiss made fake IWC created a very compelling offering.

Creating great relevance

Now there was a quartz version of the watch as well. But the reference 3012 was only produced in 1977/78 before being discontinued. Only a few years later, quartz was truly ruling the industry. It’s when AAA practical replica IWC decided to add the second quartz version of the Yacht Club II replica. The result was a slimmer version of the watch with a slightly redesigned dial. What stands out most is that the hour markers on the quartz version are thinner. AAA high-quality UK sale fake watches released the quartz version in four sizes and in steel, bi-color, full gold, and full gold with diamonds. We’ll focus on the 38mm version in steel that was available with the choice of a black or silver dial. Overall I like the automatic version a bit better. The slightly thicker hour markers give it a bit more contemporary power.

Inside the case, IWC replica chose to use the IWC quartz Caliber 2250. Essentially it is a renamed ETA 955.112 quartz movement. The movement features hours, minutes, central seconds, and has a date display at 3 o’clock. It is a very commonly used quartz movement that was also used by brands like, for example, TAG Heuer. The good thing about it is that nowadays it is still easy to repair or replace as these movements are still offered for sale. Swiss made fake IWC produced the replica Yacht Club II ref. 3312 until 1984 before it was discontinued. Finding an IWC Yacht Club II replica is definitely possible and the quartz version is relatively affordable. Expect to pay roughly between 2,5K – 3,5K depending on the condition. For that money, you will actually buy a great-looking watch.