New Chopard Alpine Eagle Replica Watches Pay tribute To First St. Moritz

Chopard launches the brand new Alpine Eagle recently, which is the best reinterpretation of the first St. Moritz created in 1980. 30 years later, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele decides to reproduce the appearance of St. Moritz. So the new collection Alpine Eagle has been born. The new perfect fake Chopard Alpine Eagle will salute the original model.

The sunray pattern adorned the dial looks very special.
Stainless Steel Bracelet Replica Chopard

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele uses the harmonious principle of Louis Sullivan as reference, creating the heritage model of St. Moritz – Alpine Eagle collection with his passion to Alps. Meanwhile, Chopard also develops the exclusive Lucent Steel A223 to make the case. Made by the Lucent Steel A223, the blue dial copy Chopard is more durable. Also greater resistance to the scratching has been provided.

The movement should be viewed through the transparent case back.
41 MM Knockoff Chopard Alpine Eagle

Chopard also pays much more attention to the details of all the elements. The sunray pattern is inspired by the iris of tiercels, reminding us that the nature is the most talented goddess of inspiration. The end of the second hand has been designed as the feather quill of eagle.