Review Robert Downey Jr.’ Fake Watch Box

As a famous star, he must have a lot of money. Then he bought a lot of watches which should be the dreams of every man. Ever for me, it is quite attractive. Who do not want these kinds of luxury and exquisite fake watches with mechanical movements? I guess no one. The major people is Robert Downey Jr. who is famous for iron man. This is a hero that most of people want to be.

Today we forget his acting role. We will focus on his watches box. Let us enjoy his taste on famous watches instead of acting skills.

From the picture, we can know that he has two kinds of Reverso series watches. The one is in steel case, and the other one is in rose golden case. They are all equipped with white dials and black leather straps. Also they are all expensive that normal people may not afford. In official suits or casual dressing, the watches are quite suitable which do not need him to worry.

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In the propaganda of “Holmes”, he chose to wear limited Chopard Mille Miglia fake watches with black suits. From the picture, we know that he seems to be very satisfied with the whole appearance. The luxury and expensive Chopard copy watches with black leather straps are fitful for his level and taste.

In the end, there are a lot of watches we can not mention today. So if you are interested in his watch box, you should continue to follow us. It may bring you some suggestions when you choose watches.

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